Gospel Focus

Is Hell simply separation from God?

This is our sixth post to help you to be as clear as possible in speaking with unbelievers, explaining why some common Christians phrases shouldn't be used in witnessing encounters as they are either unbiblical or are very easily misunderstood by the unbeliever.

The sixth phrase not to use is: "You are separated from God".

Why not to use it:

• Very confusing: An unbeliever will think: "I don't really mind that I'm separated from God, I want to live my life my way, and God can live his life his way. Being separated from God doesn't concern me in the slightest."

• Not the real issue: While it is true that unbelievers are in a sense separated from God, the most pressing issue for the unbeliever is the fact that God is angry with them and has fixed a day when he will judge them and therefore punish them for their sin. That is why they so desperately need the gospel. No one wants suffering, that is why mentioning this will actually concern the unbeliever.

Instead, it's better to say:

• "There is a day of judgement to come and on that day God will have to punish you for every sin you've ever done by sending you to a place of eternal suffering that you definitely don't want to go to" (which leads on to the gospel).