Gospel Focus

Should I focus on miracles with such limited time?

Our fourth reason for not doing prayers for healing in evangelism is that "Time is limited":

Each evangelism interaction with a person only lasts a limited amount of time. In that time, rather than dealing with peripheral issues like bodily ailments, it would be much better to concentrate on communicating the message of justification by faith alone in Christ alone.

Since the message of salvation as a gift received by faith in what Christ has done for us is very foreign to the natural person, it can often take a number of times in the same conversation of explaining the gospel, including using different analogies, before the person finally understands it. 

It’s good then to ask some checking questions to see if the person has understood the message, eg: “So to recap, what do you have to do to go to heaven?” Then an encouragement to count the cost of following Christ.

Now with all of that to portray to the unbeliever, what time is there to focus on something no where near as important?