Gospel Focus

Does God want everyone to have an abundant life?

This is our seventh post to help you to be as clear as possible in speaking with unbelievers, explaining why some common Christians phrases shouldn't be used in witnessing encounters as they are either unbiblical or are very easily misunderstood by the unbeliever.

The seventh phrase not to use is: "God wants you to have an abundant life".

Why not to use it:

• Not Biblical: The Bible never says that God wants everyone to have an abundant or wonderful life. Many people's lives will be cut short because of sickness or injury, and ultimately that was God's plan (Psalm 115:3). 

• Christian life involves persecution: While believers are promised an amazing heaven with God forever, even the Christian's life on this earth will be hard with various trials, tribulations and persecutions (2 Timothy 3:12).

Similar phrase to avoid for the same reasons: 
• God has a wonderful plan for your life.

Instead, it's better to say:

• "God is the one who made you and therefore has the right to tell you how to live, and He is one day going to judge us all based on how we have lived. So do you think you're a good person?"